What are Teen & High School Senior Portraits?

As a photographer specializing in teen/senior portraits, I have the privilege of capturing the unique essence and personality of each individual during this pivotal stage of their life.  These sessions are more than just photographs; they're an opportunity to showcase the vibrancy, creativity, and spirit of each teenager as they transition into adulthood.

During our time together, I work closely with the teen to create images that reflect their interests, passions, and dreams.  Whether it's capturing their love for sports, music, or art, each photograph is a reflection of who they are and the journey they're embarking on.

From creative poses to unique settings, I strive to make every image stand out, ensuring that the teen not only looks stunning but also feels confident and empowered.  These portraits are not just pictures; they're timeless heirlooms that will be cherished for years to come, serving as a reminder of this special moment in their life.

Take pride in how far you've come.

Have faith in how far you can go.

But don't forget to enjoy the



The Experience

Social media has created a culture of perfection, where there's immense pressure to constantly present the best version of ourselves. However, this unrealistic standard is not sustainable or healthy for anyone to uphold.

I want to encourage you to embrace and love yourself just as you are. As your photographer, my aim is to capture your true beauty, showcasing your unique style and personality through stunning imagery. I've designed an exceptional senior portrait experience that you'll cherish and rave about for years to come.

Imagine yourself receiving the celebrity treatment, complete with makeup and personalized styling. Your session day will revolve around you entirely! We'll be there every step of the journey, from the moment you book your session to selecting your exquisite heirloom products.


I love your creative portraits but not very creative myself, can I still have a creative session?

YES! We will interview you to find out about your personality and your special interests and then design a shoot based entirely on the uniqueness of you!

Can I repost or share my images on social media?

Absolutely! We want you to share your experience and images with your friends and family. All we ask is that you tag us in your post.

Do you photograph boys?

Yes! The majority of our bookings are girls, but we love working with boys just as much!

What kind of sessions or packages do you offer and what do they include?

We understand that not one person is the same, so we have created multiple sessions and packages, ensuring there is something for everyone. For more detailed information on sessions and packages please request a consultation at hello@johnny-photography.com . We will go over pricing and process with you.

Can I have a pet, friend, or family member in some of my pictures?

Yes you can; there is al fee to add an additional person to your session.

Are parents or friends allowed at my session?

Absolutely, this is an important day for you, we want anyone special to you to experience it with you.

Do I drive myself to my session?

Yes, unfortunately we are not covered to have you ride with us. You will be responsible for your own transportation to your shoot and to each location.

When will I get to see my images?

I will be showing you several of your images as we do your session. After your shoot is over, I work quickly to do the editing as I know you are waiting with great excitement for the finished results!

My session is over, what’s the next step?

You will need to set up an in person ordering session. These are scheduled 3 weeks after your shoot; this allows us time to get your images ready for viewing.

How long does it take to get my products? Will they be shipped to us or do we pick them up?

Products typically take 3 weeks. We love to inspect all our products to make sure they meet our expectations before we hand them over to you. Once all your products are in you will be notified and a pickup time can be scheduled.

All the clients on your website look like models, I’m not a model can I still book a session with you?

Yes you can! We have zero models in our portfolio. We work with real clients with no modeling experience. We love making our client look and feel like they just walked off the cover of a magazine.

How many outfits do I bring? Will there be help with styling? Do you have a style-closet?

You know what looks you like. But maybe are not sure how to achieve that style. No worries, we are here to help! Once your session is booked, we will chat with you about your personal style or the look you’d like for the shoot. Yes, we have a style-closet that contains about 200 evening gowns as well as vintage period pieces and fun fashion looks. We are more than happy to pull pieces from our collection to complete your looks.

Do your sessions include makeup? I don’t wear makeup; do you require it to book a session with you?

Our sessions do include makeup and we highly recommend it. Our biggest compliment over the years would be that our retouched images are not over edited. We owe that to professional, camera-ready makeup. If you don’t wear makeup, no worries - our barely-there look will be perfect for you: it’s light and sheer but does a great job evening out skin tones and blemishes. Yes, even guys benefit from a touch of professional makeup. You may be amazing at applying makeup; however, camera makeup is different than your everyday look. A full understanding of the right camera-ready products and application is essential for beautiful straight out of camera results.

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