Your Investment

Investing in professional photographs ensures timeless memories that captures life's memories with quality and precision. With professional expertise, your photos become treasured heirlooms that vividly preserve your most cherished memories for generations to come.

Session Fee

Our Session Fee encompasses a range of essential services to ensure your photoshoot experience is exceptional. It covers the expertise of our photographer, dedicated hair styling, professional makeup application, and personalized styling consultation. Additionally, you'll have access to our extensive women's wardrobe to perfect your look for the shoot. This fee also includes your personalized photo viewing session, where you can select your favorite images. It's a comprehensive package tailored to make your photoshoot seamless and memorable, ensuring every aspect of your appearance is expertly managed for stunning, timeless photographs.

Photo Package Options

Our pricing structure offers three comprehensive packages to cater to varying preferences and needs. Each package includes a photo box and matted printed images, ensuring that you have tangible keepsakes to cherish your memories. However, the top-tier package provides the utmost value, offering additional perks such as a personalized slideshow of your images and a captivating behind-the-scenes video transformed into a highlight reel. With these packages, you can choose the option that best suits your vision and preferences, knowing that each one is designed to exceed your expectations and preserve your cherished moments for years to come.

Custom Packages

If you're seeking a personalized photography experience tailored to your individual requirements, I'm here to deliver. With a commitment to quality and value, I can create a custom package that meets your specific needs. Just reach out to us with your request, and we'll work closely with you to design a customized solution that exceeds your expectations. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're dedicated to bringing your photography vision to life with excellence.

-Schedule a consultation to discuss pricing options-

Session Fee

Hair, Makeup and Styling for 1 person* based on your style**

Style consultation via phone or email

Photo shoot*** with outfits of your choice (time limitation)

Access to our Evening Gowns & Jewellery Collection

Photo Viewing

Your photo viewing will take place approximately 2 weeks after your photo shoot. The session fee is due at the time of booking, and you may choose your photo package during your photo viewing. Tax will be added to your photo package. Additional prints are available for purchase. Portfolio Box upgrades are available for an additional cost.

*extra fee for hair & makeup / per person

**Additional fee may apply for extra long and/or very thick hair

***Photos are not included in your session fee

Photo Package Options


- 25 Photos - High Resolution Digitals
- 11x14 Hand Made Italian Leather Photo Box
- 25 matted 8x10 prints of your digital photos
- Black & White digital copies of your 25 color photos
- Slideshow of your 25 photos
- behind the scenes video

Contact for pricing


- 15 Photos - High Resolution Digitals
- 11x14 Hand Made Italian Leather Photo Box
- 15 matted 8x10 prints of your digital photos
- Black & White digital copies of your 15 color photos

Contact for pricing


- 10 Photos - High Resolution Digitals
- 8x10 Hand Made Italian Leather Photo Box
- 10 matted 5x7 prints of your digital photos

Contact for pricing

Product Information

Reveal Box

An innovative concept

Capable of turning a box of pictures into a frame where subjects can be changed at will.

Each Reveal Box is handmade by skilled craftsmen and is enriched by high quality materials, such as authentic Italian leather.

Details of a best seller

The innovative yet classy design of the Reveal Box transforms it into a table-top frame when vertical. Thanks to the expert hands of our artisans, the perfect details confer a luxurious look & feel. Each box is hand-made in Italy, to your exact specifications, creating a one of a kind product for each of the stories you tell. Materials, colours and details are meant to deliver, the experience, that “brand new car smell” feeling we all love. Enjoy the most popular presentation box in the portraiture industry.

Folio Box

A story inside a box.

Simplicity has always been the best way to obtain pure elegance. Not only does the Folio Box offer this, you’ll also appreciate its clean lines and elegant style.

Details of class

The Folio box offers a premium Italian leather which can be enriched by debossing, also available in gold and silver, to obtain a result that is timeless. UV overprinting offers unrestricted freedom to reproduce logos, text, or digital images, creating a stunning result for a guaranteed wow factor.

Mats & Prints

The most elegant solution for portrait photography

Your prints will stand out and have artistic charm with our specialty mats.

Each mat will add a touch of style, sophistication and will enhance your prints.

See how a simple mat can make the difference

When it’s time to deliver your artistry, you don’t want to compromise on quality.

To bring it full circle you need to make sure your prints are just the best in class, reflecting your attention to details.

A relatively simple product like a mat shows how much you care of your clients satisfaction.

That’s why our mats are archival certified.


How much does a photo session cost?

Thank you for your interest! To provide you with the most accurate pricing tailored to your needs, I recommend scheduling a consultation. During our discussion, I'll be able to guide you through the available options and help you choose the perfect package for your photo session.

Do I need a professional photographer?

Absolutely! While anyone can take photos with a smartphone these days, a professional photographer brings expertise, creativity, and technical skill to capture moments in a way that truly reflects the essence of your life. Whether it's for a special event, a personal portrait, or professional branding, investing in a professional photographer ensures that you receive high-quality images that you'll cherish for years to come.

Can I do my own hair and makeup?

While we highly recommend professional hair and makeup services for the best outcome, we understand if you choose to handle it yourself. However, should you desire a more tailored experience, consider scheduling a consultation for a custom package that perfectly suits your needs and preferences.

Can I bring a friend to the session?

Yes! You can bring a friend, mom, a loved one to your photo session. They will make your experience even more fun and memorable!
Please note, that no cellphone photography or video is allowed during the session. However, we will gladly provide behind the scenes video upon request.

Do I have to order prints through you?

Prints are included in all our packages above. I encourage my clients to have me supply the prints so I can maintain quality control to the highest possible standards. I also provide you a luxurious book to keep your precious memories safe and ready to share with your friends and family.
And if you really want to print your own photos, you can certainly do so. I include digital images of the photos you choose in all of my packages.

Do you edit your images?

Yes, your images will be edited for colour and exposure consistency and print-ready upon delivery. Basic retouching is complimentary, and more in depth editing is also available upon request for a fee. On printed items such as wall art prints, wall portrait prints and albums, refined editing is included .

Do you shoot destination photo sessions?

YES! Its' our Ultimate Custom Dream package!
Image it! Your dream destination and a glamorous photo session.
It's a recipe for fabulous, once in a lifetime images that will last you forever. Lets make beautiful images and memories.
Ask me about it today!

What kind of gear do you use?

I am a Sony shooter with various Sony lenses and use the Godox lighting system. I use the Godox AD Pro strobe series in combination with a variety of modifiers to get the perfect lighting. I also have custom painted backdrops that I painted myself, as well as Superior Paper Backgrounds. I have the necessary gear to give you beautiful images.

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